Exhibition (Solo/Group)


1 Prepare Artist's Biodata (To copy and paste in the Submittal Form)
How to Prepare?
On Computer:
Use Text Editor like MS Word or Notepad
On Mobile Phone:
Use Text Editor like Notes
2 Prepare Passport size Photo of Artist and Artworks: JPG File size between 20 and 100 Kb
3 Prepare Details of all Artworks in sheet of paper to avoid confusion while Submitting
(a) Write Serial No. of the Artwork: 01
(b) Draw a small rough sketch of the Artwork:
(c) Write File Name of the Artwork:
(d) Title:
(e) Category:
(f) Medium:
(g) Surface:
(h) Height:
(i) Width:
(j) Breadth:
(k) Year of Creation:
(l) Price:
4 Go to Top Menu Link Submit >> Biodata
Fill up the Form, upload Artist's photo and Submit
5 Go to Top Menu Link Submit >> Artwork
Fill up the Form, upload photo of Artwork and Submit

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