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Photo of Artwork
*Artist's Name
*Category Painting Drawing Graphics Sculpture Photography
*Serial No. (01 for the First work and continue with 02, 03 etc.)
*Size in CM *Height     *Width     Breadth (Sculpture)
*Year of creation
*Price in Rs.
*Sign of the Artist on work YES NO
*Bonafide Original work of the Artist YES NO
*Certificate of Authenticity to buyer can be provided YES NO  View/Download Certificate of Authenticity
*Available for sale YES NO (Any change in sales status to be informed soon)
Description of Artwork if any
*Photo of Artwork JPG Between 50 & 200 KB

Photo of Artwork must be Clear and without any Text/Water mark/Border/Frame

Guidelines to Edit the Image
Photoshop >> File >> Open
Open the Image
Photoshop >> Image >> Image Size
Make sure the Constrain Proportions Box is selected and Tick is on.
In the Image Size window Change the size as you desire.
Click OK.
Photoshop >> File >> Save for Web
Look for the File size on Left side bottom of the Image.
In Settings window
Select JPEG High
Below JPEG Select any quality, you can even slide quality for more accuracy. When the File size on Left side bottom of the Image is as per your requirement, Click Save on the Top Right side.
Select the folder where you want to save the File and Give a File name.
And Save as type: Images Only and Click Save.
Close the Image.
In the new window, Save changes to the Adobe Photoshop document, Click No